We know everyone is busy but we also know that if you have a passion for writing is because God placed it in your heart.

For this very reason, we have different programs you can become part of. While the timing and topic may be different, the goal of each is the same: to help you apply sound writing principles in communicating biblical truths.


So whether you keep a journal, are a published author, aspire to write movies, are a blogger, or just have an idea you want to get on the page, our programs are for you.


Join us and become a better communicator while discovering God’s purposes for your writing.



The School of Writing is an intense program for those who are eager to write and learn. You will receive writing assignments daily and meet in critique groups three times a week to share openly in a creative environment and improve your work before turning in a final draft.

We also include several practicum weeks where you will be given larger writing projects. During those weeks you will also get feedback, but the schedule is designed to allow you to concentrate on your writing.


Students of the full three-month school will also participate in campus work duties along with every school that is running. This is to help develop character, take stewardship over the campus, and to help cut your tuition costs. It is a mandatory part of living at the University of the Nations.


The SOW is a second-level course of YWAM's University of the Nations and requires students to complete a Discipleship Training School (DTS) before attending. Upon finishing this course you will receive a certificate of completion along with 12 credits toward a UofN degree.

Total cost including tuition, room & board for April 2019 school in Costa Rica: TBA

Total cost including tuition, room & board for September 2019 school in Kona: $4,395



Foundations of Story

As our students have different cultures, languages, and levels of expertise, we start from scratch teaching how to write for a specific target audience.


Creative Nonfiction

Learn how to write first-person stories in dramatic fashion, create scenes, and how to handle the basics of plot, characterization, and dialogue.

A practicum week follows this teaching, which allows you to focus on a narrative writing project.



Learn how to edit your own writing, concentrating on reducing unnecessary words, rewording, rethinking and rearranging the content for maximum impact while avoiding common grammar and spelling errors.


Children's Literature

First, we cover the basics of all fiction before diving into how to write for each age demographic. What do publishers expect, how to market to parents, and most importantly how to convey truth and deep concepts to children while navigating these hurdles. It may not seem like it, but writing for children is far more complex than writing for adults. 



Following Children's Literature, we'll dive even deeper into the world of character, plot, and genre. You’ll learn how to build a strong story structure: how to flesh out and develop story ideas and how to find markets for adult fiction. A practicum week follows this teaching, allowing you to work on a longer project.



Learn to craft stories specifically for film or television audiences. There is a strong emphasis on dialogue, creating scenes, and shaping the script details into the appropriate format.




Learning this style enables you to present your viewpoint on various issues in a clear and forceful way. We teach how to organize your content for the strongest reader impact.

A practicum week follows this teaching, which allows you to focus on a thematic writing project.



Branding and Social Media

Learn how to use the internet to help market yourself as an author, maximize social media to promote your writing and fill the insatiable need for content on the web today by creating e-books, blogs, and websites.  



After finishing the SOW you have the opportunity to stay on and complete a three-month practicum on your own project.


Whether you want to develop your skill in editing, publish a few articles, or work on your novel, we will help you to accomplish your goal while fostering your talent in a creative environment.


If you did your SOW in the past years and haven't done a practicum yet, you can still join us and dedicate this time to your project. After all, Hawaii is the perfect setting for writing.



Total cost including tuition, room, & board: $2,500

(price may vary)



During the three-month SOW, we allow people to join for one to three weeks of the course. For those who are interested in one specific topic rather than the entire course, or are unable to attend for the full twelve weeks, this is the solution for you. Cost: $200 per week, room & board not provided 

(discount offered for YWAM Kona Staff).

The minimum age to take a seminar is 15 years old.


Creative Nonfiction


Children's Literature




Branding and Social Media 







Throughout the year, we also run many stand-alone seminars. From one-day lectures to full weeklong events, these seminars focus on one specific topic and typically are offered when the SOW is not. The lecturer, location, and even language in which we offer the seminar may change with each instance.


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