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Understand What You Need

Before you look for an editor you need to know there are different types of editing and each one of them focuses on a different part of your writing. The first step is called developmental/content editing and takes a look at the plot, structure, and big-picture ideas to ensure the book is coherent. 


The second kind is called line editing and focuses on medium issues such as weak characterization, description, and dialog. 

The third kind is called copy editing and its purpose is to fix misspellings, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.

There's also what's called a proofreader. This is actually not an editor but someone that takes a look at your work and gives you general feedback on what they think about it. They don't try to find mistakes and don't present ways to solve them. 

Editorial Rates

Editing jobs are paid in three different ways: by the word, per hour, or per project. The fees also vary depending on whether you write fiction, nonfiction, or other types of writing. The more complex and specialized the work is, the higher the fee.

This is why the editing process needs to be done in order. There's no point in fixing all the punctuation mistakes if later you realize the whole chapter that has been edited shouldn't be part of the book. In other words, systematic editing saves time and money.


If you want to know what to expect when hiring an editor, we recommend you to look at the Editorial Freelance Association.

If you join the Writing School, you have the option to stay for three more months and do a Practicum. During that time you'll be personally mentored by a staff member who will help you edit your work at no extra cost besides the Practicum fees.

What Projects We Can Edit

We work with a group of editors that specializes in different types of writing. Nevertheless, we only take editing projects with a Christian worldview. If a project doesn't align with the Christian beliefs and the YWAM values, we will decline the opportunity to work on it. If you're unsure of whether your project fits or not what we can edit, send us a one-page summary of it.

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